Use the right paper when printing targets!

Published Mar 14 by Greg Dykstra. view all news articles

If you use standard white paper to print your targets, you may have noticed a few things.  The first and foremost being that if you look at it through a highly magnified optic for any appreciable period of time, your eye will be severely fatigued.  The brightness of the paper in even modest light is enough to give your eyeball sensory overload if you look too long.  Using a paper with a darker tone is a great way to avoid this.  Yet you want to make sure the darker color of the paper still contrasts the bullet smear so you can accurately score the targets.  Bullet smear mostly being gray in color, I prefer this tan colored paper found here on  The natural tan color of the paper shows bullet smear very precisely but is significantly darker than standard white paper, so it is easy on the eyes.  The thickness of the paper is also much more rigid than standard printer paper, yet not so thick as to ruin your printer as some thick card stock has been known to do.